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Property Transactions 11/16/17


4 Saddlebrook Blvd., $471,204. Barbera Homes Kelley Farms LLC sold property to Mark and Cathy Molampy. 

24 Saddlebrook Blvd., Lot 60, $369,344. Legacy Custom Homes LLC sold property to Gregory Giuliano.

52 Sycamore St., $355,000. Mir Ali sold property to James Church III and Suzanne Rotella. 

42 Chester St., $230,000. Matthew Spencer sold property to Andre Noel.

1 Howard St., $195,000. Donald and Bonnie Botsford sold property to Benjamin and Ashley Newsom. 


52 Wineberry Lane, $261,000.Gary Carpino and Jacqueline Brown-Carpino sold property to Michael and Cherie Powers. 

122 Plum Poppy North, $388,234. Marini Land II Inc. sold property to Edward Peck and Alicia Milman. 

6 Wooden Court, $394,230. Michaels Group Homes LLC sold property to Caryn and Kristen Coughtry. 

15 Essex St., $305,520. Barbera Homes Malta Springs LLC sold property to Richard and Elizabeth Murray. 

38 Burlington Ave., $332,000. Patricia Quinn and David Toledano sold property to Aimee Brisson. 

103 8th St., $130,520. Fannie Mae (by Atty) sold property to Shawn Hughes. 

19A Windyhill Rd., $159,139. Bank of New York Mellon (as Trustee by Atty) sold property to Jeffery and Heather Christianson. 

1 Primrose Circle, $435,500.Lorenzo and Melissa Fiaschetti sold property to Melissa Stamper. 

13 King Rd., $1,000. Steven and Mary Ellen Schuman sold property to Edwin and Jennifer Degenhart. 


1 Ferry St., $625,000. Phillip and Judith Dean sold property to Jason Young. 

213 Haas Rd., $5,000. Martha McGrath sold property to Robert Pulsifer, Jr. 

2 Stonecreek Dr., $1,275,000. Christopher and Claire Eatz sold property to Victor and Liz Mazzotti. 

454 County Route 68, $365,000. Grand and Mary Ann Seymour sold property to Daniel Cody and Shannon Smith. 

67 Church St., $160,000. Edythe Burch sold property to Thomas and Barbara Disinger. 


14 Lexington Rd., $285,000. Shaughn Clancy sold property to Nora Flansburg. 

268 Broadway, Unit 410. $1,250,000. 262 Broadway LLC sold property to Myles and Susan Gombert. 

45 Doten Ave., $730,000. Ross Kenyon and Anupriya Krishnan sold property to Colleen O’Shea.

338-346 Broadway, $6,250,000. 340 Broadway Associates LLC sold property to 519 Broadway LLC. 

33 Stony Brook Dr., $4,345,000. Meadowbrook IV LLC sold property to Hilary Gold. 

6 Foxhall Dr., $358,500. Zachary Dalton sold property to Joan Sanchez and Marta Augue. 

145 Meadowbrook Rd., $232,000. Monica Dutcher sold property to Beau Stallard.

268 Broadway, Unit 301, $1,112,500. William Donovan, Jr. sold property to Jarda Clagett. 

21 Macarthur Dr., $387,900. Jeffrey and Kim Walker sold property to Paul and Elizabeth Clark. 

25 Curt Blvd., $219,900. Zachary and Siobhan Kalinowski sold property to Anthony Grassi. 

64 Ludlow St., Unit 103, $250,000. Jeffrey Attanasio sold property to Carolyn and Joseph Potvin. 

1 Salem Dr., $275,000. Mary Pitney (Ind and as Trustee) sold property to Molly and James McDonough. 

316 Ballston Ave., Unit F, $267,500. 316 Ballston Ave. LLC sold property to Lynne Dearstyne. 

10 Nelson Ave., $290,000. Donald Sherwood (as Trustee and Heir) and Ann Fobian (by Heir) sold property to 10 Nelson Avenue LLC. 

5 Persimmon Place, $209,475. Joseph Street Saratoga LLC sold property to Jeffrey and Rosemary Levy. 

72 Hathorn Blvd., $122,437. Fifth Third Mortgage Company sold property to John A Scuola, John P. Scuola and Michael Scuola. 

57 Tamarack Trail, $255,000. Lee and Colleen Park sold property to Sirena Yaccarino. 

25 Clubhouse Dr., $233,700. William Dunnavant (by Agent) sold property to Kristen Abrams. 


15 Sydney Hill Rd. $622,500. George Francolino sold property to Allison Vulgamore and Donald Fox. 

2 Craw Lane, $369,900. McPadden Builders LLC sold property to Joseph and Margaret Damo. 

3 Briar Lane, $412,000. Arliene Gordon (as Trustee) sold property to Bradley and Kendra Onishi. 

49 Whirlaway Blvd., $365,000. Keith and Jenna Burger sold property to Matthew and Jennifer Britt. 

17 Craw Lane, $82,500. William and Judy Morris sold property to McPadden Builders LLC. 

12 Conklin Court, $95,000. William and Judy Morris sold property to McPadden Builders LLC. 

9 Melanie Dr., $337,000. William and Sara Colman sold property to Kathleen Adair and Nicholas Martinez. 

240 Gurn Springs Rd., $247,422. Aliesha and Jeremy Narduzzo sold property to Nicholas Skaly.

42 Fenimore Place, $420,000. Eric and Melissa Jackson sold property to Derek and Autumn Goddard. 

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Property Transactions

  • TOWN OF BALLSTON  220 Church Ave., $1,200,000. SOS 1031 Properties 110 LLC sold property to East High Holdings LLC.  29 Woodside Dr., $250,000. Red Sea Development Inc. sold property to Claire and James Walton III.    CHARLTON 12 Old State Rd., $325,000. Clifford  Baum sold property to Tracey and Thomas Lyons. 2 Marvin Dr., $185,000. Diane Karbowski (by Exec) sold property to Michael Karbowski.    CLIFTON PARK 63 Westbury Court, $220,000. Geoffrey Macintosh sold property to Carol Geddis. 7 Kimberly Court, $183,900. Danielle Andrrew Properties LLC sold property to Harlene Smalkin.  66 Carriage Rd., $277,000. John Waldron sold property to…
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