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Property Transactions 5/19/17


19 Martin Ave., $289,000. Michael Badger sold property to Linda and Thomas Clark

23 Marlyn Dr. $179,000. Daniel and Kathleen Appolo sold property to Vanessa Vero

 1 Horseshoe Bend, $440,459. Legacy Custom Home LLC sold property to Anthony Medici and Jennifer Micillo

118 Midline Rd., $340,000. Catherine Schafer sold property to Peter and Kathleen Sacco

Clifton Park

52 Grant Hill Court, $250,500. Randy Costales and Sheila Carattini sold property to Marie Barker

122 East Side Dr. $200,000. Jimmie and Leslie Daniels sold property to Michael Hazard

168 Tallow Wood Dr. $200,000. Jeffrey and Jason Bethon sold property to Howard Nichols

17 Hidden Crest Court, $30,000. Gail Gold sold property to Kenneth Gellhaus

18 Beresford Rd., $441,000. Allen and Ellen Bello sold property to Robert and Lesley Brandt

2 Brian Dr., $407,500. James and Talitha Breitinger sold property to Dennis and Margaret Pallotolo

7 Skybrook Circle, $441,000. Jahnavi Jilledumudi and Karthi Subramaniyan sold property to Cartus Financial Corporation

7 Skybrook Circle, $441,000. Cartus Financial Corp. sold property to Xiuhe Song and Lixia Lei

2 Chillmark Turn, $482,000. Sirva Relocation Credit LLC sold property to Hyuck Hong and Jooyeon Lee

18 Par Del Rio, $288,500. Suzanne Bendick sold property to Matthew Parrella

25 Nottingham Way South, $303,000. Suzann Smart sold property to Adam and Jennifer Shami

784 Grooms Rd., $358,000.David Helmer and Janani Ramprasad sold property to Owen and Jennifer Speulstra 

3 Laurel Oak Lane, $252,500. Federal National Mortgage Association sold property to James Sabbag

14 Winding Ridge, $313,000. Nicholas and Teresa Rauscher sold property to Jason Stern


48 Hamilton Ave. $11,875. Jennifer Rivers sold property to James Doyle

36 Locust Ridge Dr. $222,525. Robert Dennis and Shawn Crete sold property to William Mayer and Haley Bruce


6500 Antioch Rd., $131,375. Richard Kwiatkowski sold property to CKT Venture LLC

1201 Perth Rd., $285,000. 1844 Land Development LLC sold property to Kevin Barkley


51 Lake Desolation Rd., $362,777.86. James Fauci and Howard Mierek sold property to Bank of New York 

48 Alpine Meadows Rd., $28,000. Susan Leamy sold property to Richard Zutterling

37 Locust Grove Rd., $175,000. Titan Home Builders sold property to 37 Locust Grove LLC


106 Old Post Rd., $135,000. Winners Circle Farm LLC sold property to Banana Stand LLC

9 Meadow Rue Pl., $238,000. MJS Upstate Properties LLC sold property to Raymund Racaza and Princess Erfe

424 Brownell Rd., $399,900. Robert Priest sold property to Christopher Campion

27 Bayberry Dr., $340,000. John and Darci Carril sold property to Wen Zhu

153 Arrow Wood Place. $180,000. Lee and Sarah Farrell sold property to Anabel DeHaas

280 East High St., $169,000. Mark and Julie Delfs sold property to Kevin and Victoria Burr

24 Snowberry Rd., $186,000. Michael and Kelsey Lorusso sold property to Alexis Lysyczyn

19 Avendale Dr., $357,500. Federal National Mortgage Association sold property to Thomas and Kathleen McDermott

10 Pennyroyal Rd. $296,742.19.  James Snyder and Kathleen Klein sold property to Wells Fargo Bank


11 Oakwood Court, $400,000. Chad and Aubrey Plemon sold property to Nadir and Younes Raja

441 Franklin St, $261,200. Christopher Hunter sold property to Cory and Ashley Prothero

17 Fredrick Lane, $170,000. Jarad and Eleanor Cusma sold property to Kelly Edgar

16 River Rock Dr., $282,474. John and Theresa Polson sold property to Russell and Danielle Wiltsie

29 Glen St., $175,000. Hermand and Danielle Niedhammer sold property to McConchie Properties LLC

10 Knollwood Hollow, $223,000. Edwin and Sandra Gawinski sold property to Stephen Geene and Lydia Blakeslee

1542 Amsterdam Rd., $76,666.66. James and Carolyn Cromie sold property to Cromie Farm LLC

Saratoga Springs

15 Patricia Ln., $215,000. Maria Misurelli Family Trust sold property to Mark and Annamaria Bellantoni

1 Court St., $527,500. Dorsey Family Trust sold property to Gracecourt Properties LLC

20 Joshua Rd., $627,485. Lino Del Zotto and Son Builders Inc. sold property to Michael and Stephanie Lazzari

First St., $225,000. Robert and Jason Yunich sold property to JPSMSC LLC

379 Caroline St., $283,505. Thomas and Diana Burritt sold property to Vincent Laterra

7 Vallera Rd., $450,000. Dora Quinn sold property to Paul and Patricia Peacock

79 Petrified Gardens Rd. $115,500. Northstar Mortgage LLC sold property to JWR 401 K Trust

17 Underwood Dr., $440,000. Dennis and Margaret DeJonghe sold property to James and Meredith Woolford

81 Tamarack Trail, $199,675. Cory Melsert and Pathama Pluemchit sold property to Michael and Nancy Shambo


6 Craw Lane. $80,000. William and Judy Morris sold property to McPadden Builders LLC

38 Tom Sawyer Dr. $275,500. Ralph Naples sold property to Kevin and Julie Brasser

87 B Cobble Hill Dr., $55,566. Thomas Roohan sold property to McPadden Builders LLC

87 B Cobble Hill Dr., $336,960. McPadden Builder LLC sold property to Michael and Amy Baringer

37 Cider Mill Way, $494,648. Smith Bridge LLC sold property to Robert and Debbie Jaffe

18 Rolling Green Dr., $125,000. Goodhue Wilton Properties Inc.  sold property to Henry and Donna Tan

15 Timbira Dr., $279,000. William Campola sold property to Eric and Kayla Tatko

30 Sheffiel Rd. $420,000. Michael and Shari Meehan sold property to Andrew Armstrong and Christina Damo

40 Cider Mill Way, $541,888. Smith Bridge LLC sold property to William Hefner

28 Greylock Dr., $355,000. Kevin and Julie Brasser sold property to Amanda Stevenson and Zakariae Chbili

1 Palmer Terrace, $279,427. Jennifer Fedele and Rita Young sold property to Ian and Meagan Wright

116 Cobble Hill Dr., $492,500. Randall and Diane Parker sold property to Eric Pankonin

16 Seymour Dr., $345,000. Harry and Marianne Oettinger sold property to Melissa Decker

4 Preston Court, $362,000. David Wetsel sold property to Lawrence and Deborah Casey 

21 Kendrick Hill Rd. $59,900. Rose Laskey Joint Venture sold property to Thomas and Lorraine Marola

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  • POLICE Michele Chabot, age 54, of Scotia, was charged with grand larceny, and Anna E. Riley, age 24, of Schenectady, with petit larceny on Feb. 14, following an investigation in the town of Ballston. It is alleged Chabot and Riley while working as home health aides for an elderly disabled woman in the town of Ballston, stole numerous pieces of jewelry from the residence. Johnathon R. Arnold, 37, of Wilton, was charged Feb. 13 with falsely reporting an incident, and making a punishable false written statement, following an investigation into a residential burglary complaint. It is alleged Arnold filed a…

Property Transactions

  • TOWN OF BALLSTON  220 Church Ave., $1,200,000. SOS 1031 Properties 110 LLC sold property to East High Holdings LLC.  29 Woodside Dr., $250,000. Red Sea Development Inc. sold property to Claire and James Walton III.    CHARLTON 12 Old State Rd., $325,000. Clifford  Baum sold property to Tracey and Thomas Lyons. 2 Marvin Dr., $185,000. Diane Karbowski (by Exec) sold property to Michael Karbowski.    CLIFTON PARK 63 Westbury Court, $220,000. Geoffrey Macintosh sold property to Carol Geddis. 7 Kimberly Court, $183,900. Danielle Andrrew Properties LLC sold property to Harlene Smalkin.  66 Carriage Rd., $277,000. John Waldron sold property to…
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